How to Get Rid of a Loser Date

It is always a fun to go with a date. But sometimes these dates make you very upset. Do not get your blood burn; instead be cool and remember this hideous girl cannot suck fun out of you. The following tips will enable you get rid of such loser dates:


  • Inform your date that you are not interested in her straight forwardly. Say to her that her presence makes your mood go off. Tell her that if she can’t leave you, you will leave her. In this way she can get an idea that you really are not interested in her.
  • Never give your contact information to the loser date. If she already knew it, change your phone number and flat. Otherwise she will meet you there right away. If she insists you to give her your contact information, get rid of her by giving false details. If she asks you to spend time with you, simply reject her idea saying that you have some important work to do.

  • Do not talk to her. Once you have left her, try not to communicate with her. If you’ll still talk to her she will think that you can come back to her.
  • Don’t stay with her even for a single minute. If you dislike her, you dislike her. There is no point in being present near her. Try to avoid her as much as you can. When you’ll be near her, she will think about you and will try to get closer towards you. So it is best not to meet her after you have broken with her.
  • Ignore your loser date. This will annoy her a lot and she will also move away from you. If she wants your opinion about anything, just don’t reply to her in that way that you care for her. Pretend as if you don’t care about her ideas and concerns.
  • Continuously change your routine. In this way she will expect something else and you will do something else. So the probability of you to meet her will be lessened.
  • Try to be with your friends most of the time. It will avoid her to catch you so easily and thus will keep her away from you.
  • Always do things which she dislikes. Do insane activities in front of her by which she will get a weird impression of you. Doing the things she dislikes will make her run away from you very soon.

Still if you think that your loser date is not letting you get rid of her, simply call police. They will prove to be your best companion in this matter.

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About the Author: Alan Kennon lives a very happy life with two kids and a lovely wife. He likes to share his life time experiences with others about how they can improve their lifestyle and personality.

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