How to Get Photographs Published

According to, a good photograph is an excellent publicity vehicle. Learn how to create a viable photo opportunity by identifying the elements that comprise a good photo story. Then contact picture editors to “sell” the idea, or commission your own press shots. If you are looking for a way to find out the location of where a photo was taken, visit this website link.

Organizing a Photocall

A photocall is an event that you organize in order to try to attract press photographers. TV cameras may be invited too, if the event merits it. Produce photocall notice and send it to the picture desk at your target publications about one week before the event. If a paper regards your photo opportunity a: worth considering, it will include it in its picture diary Bear in mind, however, that this is no guarantee of attendance, particularly if a more newsworthy event occurs in the intervening period.


Issuing Your Own Photographs

Local newspapers, trade publications, and some consumer magazines will consider using high quality photographs that are supplied to them. To ensure that your photographs are of an acceptable quality and composition, make sure that you use a professional freelance press photographer who thoroughly understands the needs of the print media. Where appropriate, issue photographs with news releases. Alternatively, state in your news release that photos are available for downloading from your Web site. Ensure that any photos you issue are clearly captioned on the back. State who or what is shown on the photograph, listing people left to right. Never write directly on the back of the photograph, as this may damage it. Always write your caption on a sticky label and then attach it.

Getting the best from a photcall

Greet photographers when they arrive at a photcall, explain the purpose of the event, and tell them who or what is available to be photographed. If you have a news release explaining the story, give a copy to the photographer.

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