How to Fix a Motion Sensor Floor Light

A motion sensor flood light can be used to lower the chances of a robber breaking into the house. Robber are more likely to enter a house if it is dark on the outside. During the night time, the motion sensor flood light will detect the darkness and automatically switched on. In the daytime, the built in photocell will deactivate the floodlight to save the electricity. Some motion sensor floodlight has an adjustable timer which allows you to set the activation time.  Motion sensor flood light is quite affordable. They can be purchased at the local home improvement store for approximately $40.  If you are installing one flood light, it is recommended that you purchase a new one that match with the existing style of the flood light.

The first step to wire a motion sensor flood light is to switch off the power source on the wall outlet.

Next, you must use a screwdriver to remove the mounting bracket of the existing floodlight. After removing the old bracket, you must drill the wall. Once you have drilled the wall, you will have to use plastic wall plugs and screws to screw the bracket for the new floodlight onto the wall.  After installing, pull the bracket to make sure it is properly fit onto the wall. During this stage, the floodlight should not be attached to the bracket.

After that, loosen the two screws on the cover of the wiring box on pressure block. In addition, you will have to remove the screw on the waterproof cable gland.

Now, you can route the power cord via the cable gland pressure block.

Before connection, the insulation part of the wire must be removed from the power cord. The insulation part is about 6 – 8mm thick. It is important that the gasket is fitted properly to the wiring box.

After stripping off the insulation part, you must connect the brown, blue, yellow/green, and your c-wire to the respective terminal block. The brown wire (live wire) should be connected to the L terminal block. The blue wire (neutral wire) should be connected to the N terminal block.

After connection, the pressure block can be used to fix the power cord by attaching the 2 screws. Before refitting the cover of the wiring box, you should tighten the cable gland.

Finally, you should install the floodlight the bracket. When installing the floodlight, make sure that the cable is secured to the wall by using the appropriate clips. The cable must not touch the floodlight.

Before installing the floodlight, make sure you have turned off the power source. You should not perform the installation during raining day. The power wiring of the floodlight should derive from a circuit with suitable circuit breakers. For personal safety, you must keep yourself within a distance of 80 cm from the flood light. You cannot remove the adjusting screw. In addition, the floodlight head and the motion sensor must be tightly fastened to the base.

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