How to Find Instincts Stimulating Toy for Your Cats

Cats and kittens are like children in that they enjoy the stimulation and interaction of toys during their day. Just like children’s toys, cat toys can be seen lying around the house used or unused. Many cats will also have their favorite cat toys, like children, and become possessive of them.

Cat toys and playing can greatly improve the physical and emotional health of your cat. Cats have a very strong instinct to stalk and hunt and playing with Cat toys is the closest most domestic cats get to express these instincts. A cat who is not encouraged to play and develop their abilities will quickly become shy, scared, lazy and overweight, which does not make for a very happy cat. The best thing you can do for your cat is play with them or get them great toys like modern cat trees for sale so they can jump around.

  • Wand or fishing toys consist of a simple stick with a small piece of fur or some feathers attached to the end of a piece of string. The best kind of wand toy is one that is lightweight, as your cat will find this more enjoyable. This type of toy is certainly worth investing in, as not only will your cat derive huge amounts of pleasure from it, but it also allows you to spend some quality playtime with your pet.
  • Like the wand toy, a ball allows a cat to exercise its hunting and pouncing instincts. Typically, most cats prefer a ball that jingles or makes another type of noise. Playing with a ball is a simple game that can be played alone, which means that your cat can be kept stimulated while you are out. Alternatively, of course, when you are at home, you can join in, too.
  • Laser pointers are some of the latest cat toys to immerge, but whether they will appeal to your cat depends upon the individual temperament of your pet. Those who do enjoy laser pointer toys really love them. On the other hand, there are cats that could not be less interested. The good news is that a laser pointer can be bought relatively cheaply, so it need not cost a fortune to discover whether or not it seems like fun to your cat.

Owners should never point lasers directly at the cat. Make sure that the laser is directed onto the floor. If your cat is interested he, or she, will chase the laser around in an attempt to catch it.

Make sure your cat has a selection of cat toys so they do not get bored and they can stimulate all their instincts.

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