How to Find a Person in Venezuela

With a Spanish name that means “Little Venice”, Venezuela is one of the South American countries which is definitely worth mentioning. Venezuela is a land of towering mountains, and it is home to one of the biggest world oil reserves and the world’s highest waterfall, the Angel Falls. With a size that occupies most of the South American northern coast and with a population of around 27 million, finding a person within this country certainly requires some effort. However, with the widespread use of the telephone, the Internet, and the email within Venezuela, the difficulties involved in finding a person in the country have been minimized.

Things you’ll need:

  • Computer with Internet connection
  • Telephone (capable of local and international calls)
  • Venezuelan telephone directory


  • Visit the web site of the person’s school if he is a student. Search the school first in a web search engine in case you do not know the exact URL and try to check the directory. For example, if he studies in Universidad Central de Barcelona, you search the webpage address first using Google or Yahoo if you do not know it. But if you do, go to the website directly, then click on “Directorio” on the upper left corner of the page. Type the person’s first name in the box labeled “Nombre” and the last name in “Apellido.”


  • Visit the person’s company web site or search the web first for the URL of his company web site if you know the name of the company. Check the directory afterwards. This is usually in the form
  • Type the full name of the person on any Web search engine such as Google and Yahoo. View the results and try to see if the person’s name is there. The person you are searching for may be the webmaster of a certain web site or may own a personal homepage. Use Google to search the person by typing the name and the personal details of the person you are looking for. You can place additional information like the name of the workplace, the person’s birthday or the name of his school, in order to produce more specific search results.
  • Go to the Pellisandadi site and type slash (“/”) and locate.asp after the website address and fill in the name of the person you are looking for, the city in Venezuela you believe he resides and choose Venezuela from the dropdown list of countries.
  • Use Windows Live Search Program, specify Venezuela and type the name of the person you are looking for in the space and click the Search button below.
  • Use a personals site like Buzznet to find the person you are looking for.
  • Use LookMeUp and enter the necessary personal details of the person you are looking for in order to find him or her.
  • Use EmailFinder to search for the person if you have his or her email address available. Type the email in the space then click Search.
  • Go to the online Phone Book of Venezuela and search using Option 3 (white pages) or Option 4 (search by name). Option 3 features a choice of search between Spanish and English.
  • Go to online Phone Book of the World, choose Venezuela from the dropdown list, proceed to Whitepages section, and use the First and Third options when searching. With the First option, Residential Whitepages, you can search for residential numbers using the name of the person. With the Third option, People Search Pages, you can search people directly using their names.
  • Use a telephone directory for Venezuela. Call the person once you have found his or her number by making an international call if you are outside Venezuela using 00 + 58 + City Area Code + Local number. If you are inside Venezuela, use only City Area Code + Local number. Make a list of telephone local area codes in Venezuela if you want to search by telephone.


Have in hand a Spanish-English dictionary or someone who knows how to speak Spanish. The national language of Venezuela is Spanish. Therefore, most Venezuelan web pages including directories are in mainly in Spanish and navigating through them may not be easy for those not proficient in the language.


Even email inquiries and phone calls may be answered in Spanish. In such cases, politely ask for someone who can speak English.

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