How to File a Ninja Sword

Right from the ancient history there has been always popularity for the known ninja clan though it was not accepted in Japan as social class. There is a wide use of this ninja sword by the Japanese warriors. Literally it refers from Nin-to or ninjato, the sword being short resembles the katana. Compare to samurai this is short serving weapon and multipurpose tool. Poisons and daggers can be hold by it with its hidden space way. To use as snorkel it is designed in such a way that it comes off from the scabbard’s tip.


In order to sharpen the ninjato keenness and complexity is needed. The following points will teach how to sharpen the weapon free from single scratch.

  • Hold the handle which points towards the sword edge on a hard wooden block with one hand.
  • A high carbon steel file is placed at the blade edged with other hand. To prevent scratches the blade is then tilted up to a degree angle of 30. With a to and fro motion start riding the file moving towards swords edge.
  • This is done continuously till the notice of the blade become smoother. At the other side of the blade the same process is repeated.
  • With a grit of 200 coarse stone the edge is brought down at once making the file to run through it. This is the second step. The edges of the blade are drawn across on the stone. To achieve the exact geometry run the stone over with the coarse stone grit of 200.
  • The above step is repeated with alternate grade of 800 and 1500 grit coarse later.
  • Polishing the blade with sand paper removes the scratches also it needs more force to be held in hands. This may be achieved with the usage of sandpaper ranging between 400 and 600 grit.
  • Place the board over a flat surface of grit 400 and lay the sword with the sharp edges kept away from you. In order to make them smoother run the sword at your either sides with maximum thrust being applied.
  • Above step is repeated for different grit say 600.
  • At last you require grit of 6,000 micromesh.  So as to prevent from making new micromesh, the existing one is being taped. The process is further accomplished using the same sand paper.

The above mentioned procedures requires much time , so one should make himself present in a place where there exists harmony, calm, and serene atmosphere thus preventing yourself away from un wanted situations.

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