How To Excuse Yourself From A Conversation

We’ve all been there, trapped in a conversation that simply does not seem to end. You want to be polite and attentive, but you have other things to do. How do you excuse yourself from one of these talking marathons without hurting someone’s feelings or seeming rude? There are various ways.

First, if possible, try to avoid the situation. Most of us know the persons who are usually the culprits in an endless conversation. Most of them, no matter how good their intentions, are infamous for their long-windedness. But, if you can’t find a route around the chat, make sure you let them know up front that you only have a few minutes. A good example would be, “Hello Miss Talk-A lot. I’m happy to see you, too but I am in a bit of a hurry. I have to be at my daughter’s house in an hour and it’s a forty minute drive.” If your talkative friend can do simple math, she should be expecting your polite excuse in the next twenty minutes. So she won’t be surprised when you say, “Sorry, but I have to go now. See you soon.” Then you should walk away, quickly.

A Conversation

Now, sometimes we’re not fast enough on our feet to pre-excuse ourselves. Or, we are set upon by a sneak attack, someone who usually isn’t so verbose, but who for some odd reason, won’t shut up today.  And they may come in bunches. Sometimes you feel like the official listener at a talking match. So you stand there, nodding and making polite noises and wishing they’d go away and let you be. Clear your throat to get their attention and then firmly but politely explain that you have plans. Say that while this subject is fascinating, you feel obligated to leave. Such an action can hardly cause offense and if they are more interested in their own voices, they won’t really mind if you go.

So, how do you excuse yourself from a conversation? If you cannot give yourself an out upfront, make your excuses firmly, politely, and with as much tact as possible. Good manners do not require you to endure long conversations, but they do expect you to excuse yourself properly.

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