How to Eat Soup Politely

There are a few basic elements to ensure that eating soup is a wonderful experience not only for the consumer of the soup but for those who are seated around as well. Spilling and slurping of the soup are not pleasing to see or hear so definitely do all that you can to avoid these errors. Below are basic dining etiquettes that should be kept in mind when eating soup. Read along and learn how to eat soup politely:


1) Make sure that you are seated properly. If you are not at the dining table and instead you are having soup while seated on the sofa or anywhere else, make certain to use a substitute for a stable table (use a tray or something similar) to prevent the soup from burning you or from dripping soup around and creating a mess.

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2) Your lap should be protected by placing either a napkin or serviette in case you spill the soup.

3) Any bread roll or type of bread should be broken up on the side plate near you and should be eaten occasionally with your soup.

4) The dish should be pulled closest to you so as to prevent spillage.

5) Use an appropriate spoon. The best spoon to use when eating soup is the soup spoon. If the soup spoon is not available make use of a spoon smaller than the serving spoon but larger than regular teaspoon.

6) Know how to use the spoon properly. Make sure the spoon is only about three-quarters full because if the spoon is overfilled, once you lift the spoon, the soup might spill. And when you scoop the soup, draw the spoon away from you to help keep the soup from dripping from the spoon. Also, lift your spoon slowly and carefully.

7) Eat soup with care, slowly and methodically. Sip from the side of the spoon but do not slurp. Do not clank the spoon against your teeth.

8) As you finish the soup, the bowl should be tilted away from your direction and continue to scoop away from you.

9) At the end, rest your spoon in the bowl and gently push your bowl away.


  • Slurping soup does not only sound awful, it is also considered disrespectful too so do not do it.
  • Avoid breaking pieces of the bread and distributing this on your soup. Though it is a good way to get some of an extremely hot soup, this actually should only be practiced when you are around your family and should not be done when you are at a dinner get-together or when you are dining out at a restaurant.
  • Practice etiquette accordingly, based on the company you’re with and the place you’re having your meal. For example, Japanese tradition requires people to eat soup in a loud manner to let the chef know that a soup consumer found the soup to be delicious.


  • If the soup is too hot, first, blow on it a little. However, do this discreetly and carefully.

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About the Author: Leona Kesler is a head-chef at a very popular food restaurant in New York. Also she is a blogger who shares her experiences, tips, and other informative details about food and cooking. Her recipes are featured on many magazines.

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