How to Draw the Caricature of a Woman

When a drawing is made depicting someone and it is overstated deliberately for sarcasm and irony, it is called a caricature. Caricature drawings are essentially very communicative as well as interpretative form of art. They have good scope as a career at newspapers or magazines and as artists at fairs. Such caricature drawings are real good gifts as well. The art of caricature drawing means to discover some characteristic features in your drawing’s subject and then highlight those features such that your subject can be recognized easily, even after your basic purpose for highlighting the characteristics was for satire. All you need is a little bit of skill that comes with practice to make this your profession or an all time favorite hobby.

  • As we are essentially talking about women caricatures here, first make a study of your subject for her distinctive features. She might have a wide nose, big ears or even thick lips. As an artist, you have to compulsorily find something unusual in her eyes. You have to make a caricature that highlights at least two or even three such features that are completely unique to your subject only. This is fairly important for these are the only traits that will help the viewer identify the women you depict in the caricature and add satire.

  • Draw the woman’s sketch as any other normal sketch, the only exception being make it larger. If the woman in question has a face that’s oval in shape, then highlight the shape too much. In case she wears spectacles, ensure that in the caricature, the spectacles are huger than the face for then they will be distinguished from the other features. Also highlight the form of the woman’s lips. If the woman has thick lips, make them really large in the caricature. Highlighting lips as well as eyes, specially very long eyelashes, are two such features that can best describe a woman for these are feminine features for any woman’s caricature.
  • After the face, give your caricature a body. You will have to compulsorily draw the body in smaller proportions in comparison to the face to ensure that the facial traits look distinct and clear. For a woman who has a heavy upper body, draw her body very small with a thin waist but an extra large bosom, such that her bosom becomes the main feature. For any good and worthwhile female caricature, remember to bring about a balance such that distinctive features are drawn large and others, small.
  • Make use of color pencils to color the woman caricature. Give varied shades by applying different levels of pressure. Adding color will give life to your woman caricature and not make it look like a mere cartoon on paper. When you put in varied shades, it will help add intensity to the woman caricature for different features can be shaded differently.

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