How to Draw Flames

If you take art seriously or of you just doodle around notebooks for fun, the most common item to know to draw are flames. Drawing does not come easily to everyone. It can be a challenge, however once get the hang of drawing a certain thing, then the challenge is almost eliminated. Once you master how to draw flames you can create very exciting,varied looks for several different things. People love what flames symbolize. These little doodles make for awesome art. Here is how you can draw flames. Continue to read on for more information.

Items You Need For This Project:

  • Pencil
  • Blank Paper
  • Orange Paint
  • Yellow Paint
  • White Paint
  • Red Paint colors

Step 1

Start to sketch the shape on a blank piece of large paper. You don’t have to be Picasso to know how to draw flames.  No two flames will look alike. There is no correct falme or perfect version of any single flame. Use pictures from the internet to get a good grasp on what flames should look like. Also, lots of motorcycle designs include flames. These are more abstract but they are interesting to say the least.

Step  2

To begin with a basic version of a flame, begin with a large base. Curve the off shooting lines to create a curvy fluid flame as the flame extends on. Every part of the flame may have sharp accent at any given time. Even natural fires. Curve your flames as they lay across the paper. Start assigning those same features to your art.

Step 3

Using color to accent the flames can be a slightly difficult job. You must keep in mind to use the standard colors when you start. Oranges, reds and yellows are used. The hottest parts are bright in color. Allow the colors to gradually fade from orange to yellow as you approach the top of the flame. Contrasting colors like blue and white really give the flame some zip. Using any of these color combinations can bring your flaming artwork to life and new levels.  You can get creative depending on where you flames will end up. They don’t have to have a natural color scheme to theme at all.  They can be custom colored to fit whatever the project requires. After the artwork is finished, find a way t but your own signature touch on it. Every create artist has a signature but figuratively and literally..

Suggestion & Warnings

You can start to make decals out of you flaming artwork. These can be placed on both cars and motorbikes. You can see the best way how by looking it up on the internet. Go for it!

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