How to Do the Danish Elephant Trick

This is a very fun method to astonish every friend of yours when the next party comes up. You may consider Danish Elephant Trick a definite showstopper. It is one trick for which you do not have to attain mastery in magic. All you have to do is to follow some simple instructions given below to completely astound your crowd.

First and foremost, do the pre-performance preparations by taking three papers. On the first paper, write “Elephant”, on the second, write “Denmark” and on the third, write “Grape”. Put all the three papers inside an envelope. Seal it. Now, take the envelope and put it on a table and start with your trick. Try and keep the sealed envelope hidden from people’s attention for the time being. Choose any one person from amongst your friends and make him/her do the following:

  • Ask him to choose any number from one to nine and keep the number to himself.
  • Ask him to multiply the original number by nine.
  • Next, make him add the digits of the new number if it has two digits.
  • Then ask him to subtract five from the product.
  • Make him identify the letter of the English alphabet that is corresponding to the final number.
  • After this, ask your friend to think the name of a country that starts with this letter.
  • Then make him think of the name of any animal that starts with the second letter of the country’s name.
  • Ask him to remember clearly what is the color of whichever animal has been thought of.
  • In the end, make your volunteer think of the name of a fruit that starts with the same letter as the first of the animal’s name.

This is exactly when all your friends will be very confused. And now does the envelope’s role begin. Pick up the envelope from the table. In case no one had noticed it, make some dramatic affects by showing them that the envelope was there sealed all the time. Now, ask your volunteer to reveal the name of the country, animal as well as the fruit as thought of by them. Then ask your volunteer or any other of your friends to open up the envelope. Everyone will be completely dumbfounded by your supposed mind reading abilities.

Logically, maximum people will end up thinking of Denmark, Elephant as well as Grape. The possibility remains that the trick won’t work. Prepare yourself with a joke if something like that happens. Let the trick be fun and enjoyment for everyone, whether it works or not. You may be curious now. What are the Danish known for? Click on the link to find out.

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