How to Do a Kneading Massage

Kneading is a movement that really is a bit like kneading dough. It is done with the hands working alternately, squeezing and rolling the muscles. It is best used over soft, fleshy areas, like the buttocks and thighs, but can also be used over smaller areas, such as the shoulders or pectorals. The strokes can be done quite firmly, applying extra pressure with the thumbs, but avoid kneading directly over the bone. Make sure that the muscles you are working on are adequately oiled. Too little and you may pinch or pull the skin, too much and your hands will slide. Put your body weight behind the strokes, so the movements do not simply come from your hands. This is a deep, releasing movement used after strokes to prepare the muscles, and it will loosen and disperse tension effectively.

The buttocks

You can knead quite firmly over this soft, muscular area. Lean over your partner. Press into the muscles with your thumb and push away from you as you do so. Then, roll the muscles back toward you with your fingers. Repeat the movement with the other hand, working in a gentle rhythm.

Kneading Massage

The thighs

Place your hands over the muscles at the back of the thigh. Push away from you with your thumb, rolling the muscles back with your fingers, and continue the movement using your hands alternately. Knead over the thigh, but work only on the muscular areas, avoiding the inner thigh, knee and hip.

The shoulders

Grasp the muscles that run along the top of the shoulder. Press in with your thumb, rolling back toward you with your fingertips. Knead along the shoulder to the neck and back. Again, your movements will have to be quite tight. Squeeze and roll the muscles firmly to ease and loosen any tension.

The abdomen

Lean over your partner. Grasp a roll of flesh at the side of the abdomen, between the rib cage and hip. Press in with your thumb and roll with the fingers alternating the movement with your other hand. Keep the strokes small. Be careful not to dig in too much, or work directly over the abdomen.

The chest

Place your hands over the pectoral muscles. Press in with the thumb and roll back with the fingers. Knead the area with your hands alternately, keeping your movements precise. Do not knead over the nipples, and for a woman, avoid the breasts. Squeeze and lift the muscles for extra release.

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