How to Develop the Self-Esteem of a Student with ADHD

Always begin the lesson with a simple overview of what you want the pupils to achieve. Then create a framework with simple steps so the child with ADHD knows what is meant to happen next. Developing a sequence of events is helpful as many of these children have organizational difficulties and benefit from clear sequencing and structure. This can encourage them to start to take responsibility for their own learning and behaviour. As a result their self-esteem is improved and they will hopefully demand less of your time.

You will need to ensure that the pupil is as prepared as possible for the lesson:

Student with ADHD

  • Create a routine for starting any activity – the same words, a song, a bell, a clap.
  • Make sure that the pupil has all the books and supplies necessary before starting (provide duplicate sets if necessary).
  • Make sure that the pupil has had a stretch break before starting an assignment.
  • Provide direct supervision as the pupil starts and completes the first sentence/problem, Provide prompts to help him get going – for example, write a question that requires an answer, such as when writing a biography, ‘When was he born?’ ‘Where was he born?’
  • Provide an outline rather than a blank piece of paper when starting work.
  • Teach the pupil to make his own outline so that he knows exactly what to put on the empty page before he has to think ‘what to write’,
  • Use software such as Kidspiration or Inspiration to provide an outline that prompts the pupil to start writing.

If you are working with teenagers, try to include the pupil as a partner in the planning and problem-solving process – i.e. going beyond simply manipulating and controlling the pupil’s behaviour. This may mean giving more support for longer than their peers. Don’t expect miracles!

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