How to Develop an Internet Site for Public Relation

With literally millions of people logging on to travel in cyberspace, a Web site is fast becoming an essential communication tool. Establish an informative, persuasive site to help you communicate with your target audiences.

Establishing a Web Site

A professional Web site can improve your image and enhance communication. If your organization does not already have a Web site, give some serious thought to creating one. Your public might draw unflattering conclusions from the fact that you are not represented in cyberspace. Although you can buy or download software that will help you create a site, remember that your site will form an important part of your corporate image, so it should look professional. Avoid creating a site that could be seen as amateurish. Unless you have the skills in-house, commission a professional Web site designer.

Public Relation

Developing an Integrated Web Site

Web site content is often seen as the domain of the marketing department, making it consumer-and sales-driven. Ensure that your organization’s Web site is also PR-driven. Create an area for the media with press releases, downloadable pictures, and background information. Many journalists look first to the Internet to find out about an organization. Make access easy (and content relevant) for analysts and investors. Help your marketing colleagues see that your Web site can be used to persuade and influence a wide audience. Ensure that your Web site design exploits the interactive nature of the Internet and enables a two-way flow of messages. Listening to your target audience is as important as talking to them.

Writing for the Internet

Reading on-screen is much harder than reading text on paper. Tests have shown that on-screen reading is, in fact, 25 percent slower. Bear this is mind when writing material for your Web site. Use short, uncomplicated sentences. One-third to one-half of a page of A4 paper can be seen on-screen at a time. Make your site more enticing by breaking up text into manageable chunks and by using plenty of bulletpoints. Surfers dislike scrolling through dense screeds of text.

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