How to Deter Raccoons

Raccoons are social creatures, and they may raid in groups. They can be bold, and will come into your garage or patio looking for food. They have been known to use pet doors. Female raccoons may have their babies in an attic or chimney or other dark and deserted part of your house and it is recommended to have them removed with the help of a wildlife removal company. Learn to understand raccoons’ behavior and you can discourage them humanely. If you wish to hire a chimney care professionals, just visit Willard Power Vac in Portland.

  • The best way to keep raccoons out of the garden is to fence them out. Two- or three-wire electric fencing, a floppy and a barrier of sturdy cloth may be effective.
  • For an electric fence, select a charger designed specifically for gardens and two or three hot wires. Place the first one 2 inches above the ground outside of the garden and the next wire 2-3 inches above it inside the garden. A third, higher wire may be necessary. The higher ones should be inside the lower one by about the width of the insulator.

  • Fasten the wire to sturdy posts so that the top part is floppy. The wire should bend down under the weight of the raccoon trying to climb over it. A nice, tight fence would look better, but raccoons will swarm right up and over it.
  • Raccoons may ignore a garden they cannot see if it is enclosed in cloth or plastic. Use heavy muslin, lightweight canvas or heavy plastic at least 4 feet wide. Fasten it to rope tied to wood or metal posts spaced 8 to 10 feet apart. The bottom edge laps onto the ground, where boards and bricks, cement blocks or other weights hold it down.
  • Trapping raccoons is difficult and not likely to be effective. Often, there is a certain amount of red tape involved in getting a permit. Raccoons are difficult to trap- it is hard to find bait that will entice them into a box when they could be raiding a garden. Traps placed with their open ends against a raccoon-proof fence at a 45 degree angle to the fence often trap raccoons that are being persistent in trying to find a way under, over or through a fence.

One thing to keep in mind is that there are occasions where raccoons may attack, especially if they feel their young ones are in danger. Another instance may be if they are defending what they consider to be their territory. Always use caution when dealing with these animals. Finally, if all of these above methods fail, you may consider placing a call to your local raccoon removal agency and have them trap the animals and remove them.

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