How to Decorate a Shelf with Sheet Music

If you like the basic idea of decoupage, but not the amount of work involved, use whole sheets of music or wrapping paper instead to cover furniture. A smart blue paper sprinkled with gold stars or dotted with shells and seaweed is ideal for a small bathroom cabinet. Old music sheets, torn up into long, even strips and pasted down in lines or quite higgeldy-piggeldy look striking on a small shelf unit or shelves.

You will need:

  • Sheet music
  • Access to a photocopier Wallpaper paste
  • Paintbrush (for paste) Satin-finish varnish Brush for varnish


  1. If your shelf is rough, sand it before you start covering it.
  2. Depending on the size of your shelf, photocopy the sheet music enough times to give you an all-over covering of paper.
  3. Tear up the photocopies into a variety of shapes.
  4. Mix up the wallpaper paste according to the manufacturer’s instructions and, with a brush, carefully apply a layer of paste onto the backs of the torn photocopies. Stick them down, making sure as you do so that the pieces overlap with one anoth­er, so that every bit of the shelf will be covered. It is a good idea to wipe over the paper with a cloth once it is stuck down, pushing out any air bubbles that may be trapped under it.
  5. Once the wallpaper paste is dry, varnish over the paper with a satin-finish varnish. Leave to dry for 6 hours.

More Ideas

Take some pretty coloured gingham-patterned paper, fold it concertina-style and cut out the shape of a heart using a cardboard template. Use this to form a border around the top of a chest of drawers. Punctuate the drawers with individual heart shapes. You can also use the outlines of birds, animals and flowers in the same way.

Autumn leaves make superb instant decorations. Collect fallen leaves and place them between sheets of newspaper under a pile of books to flatten and dry them off. Arrange and glue them onto your chosen piece, for example, as a border on a tray. Finish with a coat or two of varnish.

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