How to Deal with Rabbit Diseases

In most cases, you should always take your dwarf rabbit to the veterinarian at once if some­thing strikes you as unusual about the animal. If there is only slight diarrhea or constipation you can first try treating it yourself, but if there is no improvement within 24 hours, consult the veterinarian.

Slight diarrhea: The stool is soft, with the coat of the rabbit dirty around the anus; otherwise the animal exhibits no striking abnormal behavior.

Carefully clean the cage and put down fresh straw. All food should be withdrawn. Offer only good hay and, instead of water, lukewarm chamomile tea in the drinking bottle. Also good for treating diarrhea are branches of oak and wil­low, which contain healing tannins.

If the diarrhea improves within 24 hours, you can add dry pellets to the feed; however, if the diarrhea continues after two days, take your rab­bit, along with a stool sample, to the veterinarian. Caution: If the diarrhea is watery, odiferous, or bloody, or if bloating or breathing changes are noted, get to the veterinarian at once-the situa­tion is acutely life-threatening!

Constipation: Constipation may be first noticed when the rabbits hops around the cage with its back curved and strains to pass hard little balls of stool. Appetite loss occurs, and when you palpate the lower belly, the colon feels like a swollen rope.

First check to be sure the drinking bottle tube is not stopped up, keeping the rabbit from getting enough water. Remove all dry food and for the next few days feed only easily digested green food such as corn salad, dandelion leaves, or fennel.

Administer one teaspoon of linseed oil or min­eral oil (from the pharmacy) twice a day. Massage your rabbit’s abdomen with your fingers, using gentle circling movements.

If there has been no definite improvement within 24 hours, you must take your dwarf to a veterinarian without delay. Caution: If the abdomen is severely bloated and painfully sensitive to the touch, take the rabbit to the veterinarian at once!

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