How to Deal with Household Pests

From ants marching across the kitchen to wasps’ nests in the eaves, prompt action is needed if your home is besieged by pests or vermin. Many infestations can be stopped as they occur, but for some longer term or potentially hazardous problems, an expert from pest control western suburbs Melbourne will bring greater peace of mind. For your pest and bed bug problems, a professional pest control and bed bug control specialist who can provide expert pest control and bed bug extermination services is the solution.

Common pests


Spray ants – especially lines of ants – with ant-killer. Follow the trail back to their nest, and pour boiling water on it. Follow this up by leaving ant traps by their nest, or use a slow-acting spray. Ants covered with spray will introduce the poison to other ants in the colony, if this does not work there are alternate options explained at Emergency Pest Control Vaughan website.

Prevention: keep floors and worktops clean and mop up sweet spills immediately, especially in hot weather.


Cockroach infestation has mostly been confined to commercial kitchens and premises but in recent years has also been found in domestic houses. These are among the most difficult household pests to eradicate, and it is essential to deal with them very thoroughly. Contact Pest zone to have your pest problems solved using the best chemicals for handling pests. As well as having an unpleasant smell, cockroaches carry bacteria that may cause food poisoning. They need food, water, warmth, and dark places to hide in – behind and under sinks, in the motor compartment of refrigerators, and under tabletops. Spray them with specialized pesticides. Remove dead insects, clean the area, and then repeat the treatment as an extra deterrent to stop them coming back.


If you own a cat or dog, there’s a big risk that the animal will carry fleas – which then jump off the animal to bite you. There are many methods and products available to keep your pet and your home free from fleas, and your vet can advise you on the best way to deal with it. Common treatments include a liquid applied to the animal’s skin, and a powder that is added to food. Both of these render the fleas sterile. More traditional methods include powder pesticides to treat animals and bedding, and the use of flea collars. Your pet shop will have a range of suitable products.


Reduce the presence of flies in your house by keeping your rubbish bin lid tightly closed and by putting away food. If you have convenient corners, hang old-fashioned slow-release fly-killer strips. These are very effective. Regularly check and remove insects. If there is a particular problem in the kitchen, try a plug-in fluorescent trap that draws flies to the light, then zaps them. If the problem starts to become unmanageable, having pest control Mornington services may be the only way to get rid of these pests.


Unless you have a cat, which will bring you direct evidence, you may not know you have mice for some time. Look for signs of nibbled food or chewed wiring, usually in the kitchen, basement, or attic. To tackle the problem, you may want to contact your local HOA pest control company for professional mice removal and rodent control services. They will use poisoned bait placed in small boxes away from children and pets. Alternatively, you could employ a private rodent control or rodent treatment contractor or buy traps and poison from a DIY shop to use yourself.


The plain, brown clothes moth lays eggs that hatch into white grubs. These grubs then eat holes in anything containing wool – carpets, furnishings, and clothes – and usually focus on a favourite sweater. To eradicate them, use a specialized moth killer.


Mosquitoes and gnats can be a big problem when the climate is hot and humid. Kill them with a specialized insecticide to do mosquito control. If your home is near water you can reduce their entry by placing mosquito screens on windows and doors or keeping windows shut. Mosquitoes breed in standing water, so cover any reservoirs used to collect rainwater, and put petroleum jelly in gutters to prevent water from collecting in pools and stagnating. Don’t let blood-sucking mosquitoes keep you from enjoying your yard. Take control of mosquitoes for good, hire a pest control and mosquito service.

Silver fish 

These are small crawling insects that eat starch and glue. They like to hide in dark places, especially if it is damp, and are often an indication of lack of ventilation or low-grade damp. They may damage wallpaper and paper in picture frames and book covers. Destroy with insecticide.


A few wasps can be dealt with using a specialized spray. Large numbers indicate that you may have a nest under the eaves, or around the base of your house. Employ a contractor who will remove the nest.


Woodworm attack furniture and cause holes the size of pinheads. In older furniture, some damage may have been done years ago. To see if woodworm is currently active, look for very fine sawdust that falls from the holes when you touch them. It is important to act promptly, because woodworm can move easily from one piece of furniture to an adjacent piece. You can treat an isolated infestation in furniture with woodworm eradication kits, but if you think any part of the house may have an infestation, it is better to contact a contractor like Sustainable Pest Systems Charlotte – residential pest control.

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