How to Cut Your Own Hair

Sometimes when your lifestyle is hectic you may not feel like there is enough time in the day. Other times you may feel like the days are so long. You may be too busy to keep you regular hair appointment and may have the need to cut your own hair. This can be done with the proper instructions which you can find at It’s not a hard thing to do and you do not have to be an expert cosmetologist to pull this project off. Here is how you can cut your own hair. Read on for more information.

Items Needed:

  • Hair Sheers
  • Drop Cloth or Apron
  • Towel
  • Comb
  • Bottle of water with Pump Bottle
  • Hair Clips

Step 1

First wash your hair. Wash the scalp well and rinse with lukewarm water. Add conditioner to the hair and allow it to sit ten minutes before rinsing. Rinse well. Begin the cut with fresh, clean hair. Leave your hair damp for more such tips you can check them out here. If the hair starts to dry out use the spray bottle to mist it with water. Comb the hair out.

Step 2

Begin with a specific style and plan. If you want to simply trim the ends, create bangs or completely change the look you have now decide the specifics right now.

Step 3

Section the hair off. Comb the section through from the root to the ends. Put your fingers around the area that will be cut. Use the hair sheers to trim off ½  inch at a time. Cut little by little so you don’t make any mistake.

Step 4

After you cut the section of hair, evaluate. Look and examine your work. Make sure the hair is cut even. Straighten the hair.

Step 5

Start at one side, make the necessary cuts, and then move to the opposite side. Don’t alternate. This can be the cause of removing more hair than necessary for the style or cut. To avoid this, cut the left side first to the length you want, then, move to the right side. This will ensure the cut is even and the right length

Step 6

To add layers to the hair cut, use hair clips to hold the sections out of the way. Cut in different lengths.

Step 7

Pull your hair in front of you to see what you’re doing. If you have to cut the rear, then move slow and carefully. Use two mirrors to help.


If you have made a mistake, Charle says don’t panic. Stop cutting and know that all does grow back. It’s only a matter of time. Enjoy your new haircut. Style the hair as desired.

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