How to Cure Colds in Children

There are around two hundred cold viruses and as these get passed on by sneezing or coughing or by being picked up by direct contact, it’s not surprising that classrooms are ripe breeding grounds. There is no cure for the common cold. Once a child has become infected, the mucous membranes lining the nose and throat become inflamed, leading to a runny nose, sneezing, a sore throat and headaches. Other symptoms may include raised temperature, aching muscles and coughing. During a cold, the infection may spread from the throat to the middle ear, leading to ear ache and possibly on to glue ear. This is more likely in young children when the Eustachian tube is still small and therefore infection has less far to travel.

What you can do

Children can feel pretty miserable during a cold – they may be off their food, feel tired and irritable. Keep them warm and comfortable and offer plenty of fluids to prevent dehydration. If symptoms persist after a week, consult your doctor or prac­titioner in case of secondary infection or other underlying causes.

Cure Colds in Children


Herbal medicine Herbal teas such as Fennel, Chamomile, and Lemon Balm should help relieve the symptoms of congestion and coughing. A practitioner may also recommend an infu­sion of Elderflower to help decongest, or Lime Flower to reduce mild fever. At home, sore throats may be eased by gar­gling with one part Myrrh to ten parts water. Kinesiology A kinesiologist may detect a lowered endocrine and immune function, and apply various techniques accord­ingly to give the immune system a boost. A rotation diet with the right balance of foods, plenty of pure water and a reduction in sugar (which inhibits immune function) may be advised.

Traditional Chinese medicine

The Chinese see a tendency to colds as ‘wei qi xu’ or a weakness of the protective energy and of the lungs. A doctor may prescribe jade screen powder, given from autumn onwards to help prevent repeated colds. Early on in the cold, the following ‘tea’ may help: loz (30g) of sliced root ginger, one broken-up cinnamon stick, one tea­spoon (5ml) of coriander seeds, three cloves, one slice of lemon, all boiled in a pint (570ml) of water and simmered for ten minutes. Strain and give half a teacup every two hours. For children under three, one teaspoon (5ml) can be given every two hours.

Kid Cough


A homoeopath will concentrate on building up the child’s immune system so that it can fight off future infec­tion and treatment will depend on how the child is coping with the illness. A homoeopath may also recommend using the biochemic tissue salts such as Kali. mur. for catarrh, sore throat and wheezing and Kali, sulph. for the presence of mucus in the throat and nose.


Monitor your child for secondary infections if they are sus­ceptible to bronchiolitis, bronchitis, asthma or pneumonia. Other therapies that may be beneficial: naturopathy, reflexol­ogy, homoeopathy, Bach Flower Remedies.

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