How to Create Your Own Web Site

Web site design has been a great partner of Business. Today, business is not limited to one field. Currently, we have a high demand for Internet Marketing. If you are planning to start a business, you can start by acquiring an online market. You can have a Web site which could be your online shop. But releasing a new product in the market requires you to update your Web site with supporting content on your new product.

Web site Design is easy. There are more than enough templates online if you decide on creating your page. You can enhance your content with free HTML templates. Lots of free java scripts, images, web programming codes and other graphics like Siteground for WordPress are available online. Start off by buying a domain from a hosting company or if you want fewer risks, go for free domain at the best web hosting canada has.

Start by making simple design pages through downloaded templates and using programming software like Dreamweaver. You can download many free high quality and professional looking themes from many sites on the web. A little “Googling” will help you find the latest popular themes; a lot better than me giving you the links which may get outdated soon. You can also make basic contact pages or inquiry forms using downloaded scripts, commonly used in web development. If you want to upload the files to your webhost, follow the instructions given to you by the hosting company. These are the primary steps in Web Design. But if you need advanced and expert training in web programming, the best way is to get a course in web development like PHP or

Here, we are defining two standard web programming language, PHP (Hypertext Pre-processor) and (Active Server Pages). Both are database driven web programming languages extensively used for Web site Development. If you need huge data transfer and extra features, PHP and are the best options. is a programming language developed by Microsoft while PHP is an open source programming language derived from many other languages.

Development of dynamic database oriented Web sites uses both programming languages. Microsoft is mostly comfortable in using ASP and they use IIS (Internet Information Server) to run ASP applications. PHP connects with different types of databases; therefore, it is a platform independent programming language.

Finally, search engine optimization to your Web site will increase your Web site’s rank with search engines. Through this process, you can boost the number of people visiting your Web site. We hope that this article provided basic understanding on how to make your own Web site. This way you start making it simple and in your own way.

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