How to Create Backlinks to Your Website

Everyone who does business on the Internet wants more traffic because getting more traffic provides more income to the business. Backlinks remain an essential part of having more traffic to your websites. It can also increase your sites’ search engine rankings. These links point back to your website from other sources. They offer big results, especially when your primary interest lies in earning money online. You can easily create backlinks by writing quality content, linking to other websites and guest posting on blogs. Then it’s also worth getting a local web designer if you need a new design for your web site as they always have a better idea of what is needed, we used this great web design company in Bristol for a business we were working on in Bristol who did an amazing job so that’s a great example of that.

  • Start by having quality content on your website. Provide great articles on the subject matter of interest to your target niche. If a visitor likes what he reads, he will most likely link and recommend it to others—and in turn provide more traffic to your site, learn from web design hamilton.

  • Submit your website to several Web directories. Place your website in the right category to serve and attract your target audience. Add in title tags, a brief description of your website and the targeted keywords.
  • Submit articles on several content sites such as EzineArticles and GoArticles. Provide a link back to your own website to create traffic. Make sure the articles have high quality. Having a credible and authoritative content of articles will bring in more visitors to your website.
  • Post on related blogs. Always avoid spamming. Comment on the topic of the article and provide a clear, unbiased opinion. Every comment left results in a backlink to your site. This might take some effort, but commenting on a lot of blogs will help build more backlinks.
  • Use social networks. Social networks such as Facebook and Twitter have become very helpful for bloggers lately. You just need to provide the links to your articles, and more followers can help increase your website’s traffic.
  • Ask other website owners to affiliate with you. Have them link to your website by asking them nicely. Don’t request too much or they might get irritated. Offer to do a backlink exchange and link back to the person’s website as well. A link exchange will increase the chances that the owner will agree to a backlink exchange.
  • Link your website to the resource section of your article. For instance, if you write an article for, they usually allow you to submit a link as a resource. Others don’t, so ensure you read the website’s guidelines. Most bloggers submit articles for eHow and HubPages specifically to target their blog. Sites like these have heavy traffic, which will increase the chances of giving high traffic to your website as well.
  • Post on forums and message boards. Register on forum sites and post a link to your site. Post your articles in the message boards and forums of the same directory of your niche. Most forum sites will allow you to link your site as your signature. Participate on each forum, knowing each of your posts will have a signature that creates a backlink as well.

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