How to Create a My SQL Database in cPanel

To add a My SQL Database in cPanel, follow the instructions below:


  • On the homepage of your cPanel, click MySQL Database under “Databases”.


  • Enter a new name for your new database in the New Database text box.

Database text box

  • Click the Create Database button.

Create Database button

  • Click Go Back.
  • Enter a username in the Username text box. The characters of the username cannot exceed seven characters.

Username text box

  • Enter a password in the Password text box.

Password Text box

  • If you want to use a generated password, click the Generate Password button.
  • Enter the password again.

Password Again

  • Click the Create User Name button.

User Name button

10. Now add the username to the database you have just created.

11. Select the username from the User drop down menu.

User drop down menu

12. Select the database name from the Database drop down menu.

Database drop down menu

13. Click the Submit button.

Submit Button

14. Check the ALL PRIVILEGES checkbox.


15.  Click the Make Changes button.

Changes Button

16. The username is now successfully assigned to the database.

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