How to Cope With Daytime Wetting

Most children gain bowel and bladder control around the age of three or four years and are able reliably to remain dry during the day. Of course, toilet “accidents” will still happen at times even up to the age of five or six years, when your child becomes so overexcited momen­tarily that she wets herself or when she simply gets so involved in a game that she doesn’t realize her need to use the bathroom until it is too late. These accidents are normal and are part of the learning process—they will soon grow less frequent and fade altogether. For some children, however, daytime wetting is pre­sent long after it is expected to have ceased. First, have your child checked by your family doctor to ensure that there is no physical cause of the day wetting (such as an infection). Assuming medical checks reveal no problems, then consider the possibility that a psychological reason is underlying the wetting.

There are two types of day wetting. The first type, which is less worrying, occurs when a child who has never been reliably dry during the day continues to wet herself regularly when she is five years or older. Chances are that this happens because the child did not learn bladder control properly during the earlier years, and hasn’t progressed since then. Appropriate help for this form of daytime wetting includes a well-planned training program with lots of rewards for those times of the day when she is dry. Such a direct strategy usually has a quick effect.

The second type of daytime wetting, which is more serious, occurs when a child who has been dry during the day for sever­al months, even years, suddenly starts to wet herself. In most instances, this wetting is a sign of the child’s unhappiness and insecurity. If your child does have this difficulty, talk to her about all aspects of her life until you can determine the source of her worry. Something at school could be troubling her, or something with her friends. Try to sort out the problem—once your child stops worrying, she will stop wetting herself during the day.

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