How to Cook Tender Steak

Considering dining out at a super expensive steak restaurant just to be able to enjoy a mouth watering and truly scrumptious steak? You might want to re-consider. After all, a flavourful and juicy steak is easier to cook right in the comforts of your own home! Follow my instructions for a wonderful steak dinner that will not take a toll on your pockets and will not take up much of your time!


  • Steak meat of your own choice (the meat cut may be ¾ – 1/ ½ inches thick)
  • countertop grill or griddle (cast iron)
  • your choice of steak flavouring (such as but not limited to marinades, pepper, salt, garlic, etc.)
  • meat thermometer
  • cooking tongs
  • metal spatula


  1. The first important thing is to be aware when you choose your meat to search for a cut with proportionate to its fat marbleisation. One premium choice is a fresh cut meat from the butcher. However, even packaged steaks obtained from the grocer will do just fine and will be as tasty using my technique. Should you opt to use steak meat that has been frozen, let it thaw naturally inside your fridge for a twenty – four hour period.
  2. Now, let us prepare the steak. Are you going to make use of a marinade? If the answer yes, it is very crucial when putting your steak inside a container so that it will be marinated, to handle the steak at the least extent possible. Your steak should not be punctured. One important rule in the world of cooking a succulent steak is that there is no meat stabbing! Treat the steak properly and it will also be awesome to the taste buds of yours. At any time during the preparation or at the initial part of cooking, powdered seasonings may be applied.
  3. What you will make use of to cook your steak is an essential ingredient to the results. At all times, make use of a griddle surface with cast iron. The other thing is that the griddle, grill or skillet must be heated at medium high temperature. You want to heat the cast iron griddle / grill / skillet to medium high heat. Allow it some time to completely heat up. It is desirous that your cooking surface be really hot so it will seer the steak.
  4. Once the surface for cooking is prepared, meaning it is piping hot and well heated, use the metal spatula or cooking thongs to carefully lay the meat on the grill. Depending on the steak’s thickness, the meat must be seered once on both sides for a period of eight to ten minutes for steaks cut at ¾” and nine to twelve minutes for steaks cut at 1” to 1 ½”. Those who prefer their steaks very rare must reduce the time allotted for searing by around three minutes on each side. It is a big NO – NO to prod the steak or “press down” on it. It is highly doubtful if you have seen a person flip the steak and then afterwards press down using a metal spatula on the meat. Under no circumstances should this be done. When you press down on the steak, you puncture the meat and a substantial amount of the steak’s juices will be lost. More often than not, this is the reason why you have a mouthful of leather at “Kiss the Cook” barbeques!
  5. After searing one side for the standard time allotted, it is now time to flip the steak on the other side. Keep in mind that everyone has preferences in the manner they want their steaks cooked. For very rare steaks, remove the steak after the searing time previously recommended. For medium rare steaks, they can be taken off the grill right after the time allotted for full searing. For those who prefer pink steaks, you have to lower the heat and keep it a medium low. The meat has to be kept on the surface for cooking for an additional five minutes to seven minutes. For steaks that are well done, you also have to reduce the heat and keep it at medium heat. The next step is to cook it for another five to seven minutes additional cooking time. Ensure that you either utilize a lid or make use of a cover instead of allowing it to remain open.
  6. Now that wasn’t so tough, was it? Here’s to a truly memorable steak dinner! Enjoy!

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About the Author: Leona Kesler is a head-chef at a very popular food restaurant in New York. Also she is a blogger who shares her experiences, tips, and other informative details about food and cooking. Her recipes are featured on many magazines.

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