How to Cook like a Gourmet Chef Using the Day-to-Day Food List

If you have a passion for cooking, you might like to work as a gourmet chef since it comes naturally to you. Working as a gourmet chef does not require any professional training or going to culinary schools. If you know the basics of cooking, then you just start! Use others’ ideas and develop them into your own. You can try adding your own secret ingredients to make dishes more special or just add a little touch of your favorite spices and serve! You can make an ordinary recipe transform into something new. It’s easy to do; try it. Here’s how.


  • You should have three types of food on your regular list: bread (including loaves or anything you usually use that comes from the pantry list); meat, fish or any frozen food you regularly keep in your freezer; and vegetable, fruits, herbs and other items you keep in your refrigerator. Make these items your regular stock and keep it fresh.

  • Make your own combination from the list above. Try adding your own special spices to come up with new and improved recipes. You might want to try using different mixtures when cooking and preserving your meat. Experiment with new tastes and processes to improve old recipes.
  • Improve and make old sauces into inviting new ones. Family members will give you a thumbs up even if you serve the same meat for the entire week using sauces with different tastes and in various styles. Observe the right texture and thickness to make it more gourmet-like when you set it on the table. It’ll look more appealing and pleasing to the eye as well as change the taste.
  • The style of cutting and chopping your food can play a big role in its appearance. Invest in an eight-inch chef’s knife with a wide blade and center tip. This goes as well to the kitchen pots you use, since they can make a difference in the way you prepare food. Purchase and invest in reliable and all-purpose cooking stuffs like a sauté pan. It should have a cast-iron handle and a stainless center. This will help you save time, as it will make the cooking a little faster than using a traditional sauté pan without affecting the desired look of the food when you present it.
  • Food presentation is an artistic way of setting up the food on a plate. Make sure your gourmet food appears perfect before serving. Use lemon-pressed, olive oil or smoked sea salt as you do a final retouch. Try to make it look, smell and taste good.
  • Incorporate some new ideas from your favorite restaurant or café. If you think the food tastes and looks fabulous, ask your waiter how the chef prepared it. Try replicating it at home even if you got only a few details.

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