How to Cook Baked Potatoes on the Grill

Baked potatoes are one of the most popular recipes and it goes well with either vegetables or potatoes. Today, we will try a different variation to the recipe by preparing the potatoes on a grill instead of baking them in the oven. Grilling the potatoes imparts a great flavor in them and the potatoes turn out delicious while being nutritious at the same time. The major nutrients from potatoes are Vitamin B6 and C. You also get a good intake of manganese and potassium. The fat content is on the lower side and keeping the skin on keeps the potatoes rich in fiber too. We will look at 3 methods that will help you cook the potatoes without using the over, simply the grill.


  • potato – 1 cup per serving
  • aluminum foil
  • cooking spray
  • salt
  • pepper
  • rosemary sprig – fresh, 1 per serving
  • 1 onion – red or yellow
  • grill
  • your preferred seasoning for steak


Wrapped Grilled Baked Potatoes

  1. Wash the required number of Russet potatoes. Pierce each potato with the fork at least 3 times.
  2. Tear off approx 8 inch piece from the foil. This has to be repeated for each potato. This depends on the size of the potato. Spray on it using the cooking spray.
  3. Keeping the potato in the center, wrap it tightly with the foil.
  4. Keep the wrapped potatoes on the grill in such a way that they don’t get the direct heat and let them cook in the indirect heat.
  5. Check back in approx 35 minutes. You will know when they are done by checking the softness of the potatoes.

Sliced Grilled Potatoes

  1. Slice the sliver yukon potatoes and the onions in quarter inch slices.
  2. Take an 18 inch piece of the foil and spray on it using the cooking spray.
  3. Keep the potato and the onions in a circular fashion around 6 inches away from the side. Add salt and pepper according to taste.
  4. Bring the foil around the potatoes to wrap them up completely.
  5. After around 20 minutes of medium heat grilling, check the tenderness. If they are tender, remove.

Grilled Chunks of Potato in Foil

  1. Again, we need around 18 inches of foil for this. We have to spray this with cooking spray.
  2. We have to dice the potatoes in small cubes. After spreading them in single file, we should add salt and pepper and seasoning if required.
  3. Now, we take them towards the center of the foil and add rosemary sprigs on top. Add a little butter and fold the sides and corners. Wrap the entire piece in another foil piece.
  4. Grill at medium heat settings for approx 20 minutes. As usual, check for tenderness with a fork. If it goes all the way in without the potato looking too mushy, then it is done just right.

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About the Author: Leona Kesler is a head-chef at a very popular food restaurant in New York. Also she is a blogger who shares her experiences, tips, and other informative details about food and cooking. Her recipes are featured on many magazines.

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