How to Convert WMV to MPEG

Windows Media Video is the expansion for wmv. It is the most popular music formats available nowadays which supports high quality video and audio codecs. It is introduced by Microsoft to support for Windows Media Player. These are special file types and can be played in Windows Media Player in computers.

They are not supported by ordinary video players as such. Hence you need to convert the wmv files into MPEG format to play them in ordinary players. In this article, you can find the best method to convert wmv files into MPEG universal format. There are a lot of video converter software programs available nowadays for free which can convert wmv files into MPEG files easily and quickly. You can also get the best programs for free over the internet.

Wmv is the most popular video formats available nowadays which supports high quality video and audio codecs. Mostly these formats can not be played as such in players in your home. Hence you need to convert them into MPEG format files in order to access them easily and simply in your players too. You can do several things with the help of MPEG.

You can get the software to convert them for free in and you can download them and use in Windows system. There is much popular software for MPEG files and there are also so many other software programs available. Then install the software in the system and now the software is ready to convert any of your wmv files into MPEG files.

The most popular program software is WIDI Recognition Professional System and there are also many other programs available. Once the installation is complete, run the program by making a double click on the WIDI icon available on the desktop. There is an option like “Transcribe Pre recorded Windows Media”, click it and add the Windows Media files which you want to convert. You can do this by opening the browse and you can browse for the files and then select them.

Once you select them, the software will analyze them for Windows Media format and it will take some time to finish. Thus the MPEG conversion is complete and you can now save the new files into some other location. Finally you can also check for the working of MPEG files. Open the main window again and then open the newly converted files and then click the play button to play the audio files. If the software is properly working, then it will play you the songs in a better way with good resolution. You can hear songs with good quality. Thus following these steps you can convert WMA to MPEG.

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