How to Convert Songs to Ringtones

Most of us will think of having different ring tones for our mobile phones. If you like to have a portion of the song as a ringtone, then you must cut desired portion of the song which you want to have as your ring tone. To do this task you must know to cut the desired portion of the song. This article will guide you to make ring tones from the songs.

The application software you need to do this task is the GoldWave. This is audio editor software which allows you to cut the songs. This is a freeware which you can download from the internet.

Follow the step by step instructions to create ring tones from the songs,

Download the GoldWave software from the internet, after downloading it; install it on your computer. After the installations completes, the program runs in your system. You can find a number of audio editing software over the internet you can make use of anything you wish to.

In this article you will be explained using the GoldWave software. In the GoldWave software, in the top you could find a toolbar, in that click on the open icon. This will open an explorer window, in that search for the song from which you want to create the ring tone and select it.

Now a part of the work is done, you need to just listen and cut the song. To listen to the song, GoldWave will have an audio player with it, which will play the song for you. To play the song, go to the control menu in the tool bar, this will give you a number of play options such as play, pause, stop, forward, rewind and so on. By pressing the play button listen to the song and note the portion which you want to have as the ring tone.

While the song is playing, select the place from which you wish to have as the ring tone. To mark the start position, just right click on the place from which you need the ring tone and at the same time enable the option “save start marker”. At the mean time the song will continue to play in the software, when you think that with this you need to end the ring tone, right click again and here you must set the “finish” mark.

Now click on the trim button, this will cut unwanted portion leaving the selected portion alone. It’s time to save the trimmed portion, to do this you go to the right side corner of the GoldWave software and select “File ‘save as”.

Now an explorer window appears, here choose the desired destination location and give a name to the file and then press the “save” button. Your ringtone is ready.

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