How to Convert Mkv to Avi

Mkv is one of the video file formats, which is widely used nowadays. It is nothing but a matroska file. It is similar to most of the file format containers like avi, mpeg etc., except the fact that it is a fully open standard container. There are different types of the matroska files like mka, mks, mkv. ‘mka’ is the type of container which consists of audio only. ‘mks’ is another container which consists ofm the subtitles only. ‘mkv’ container has both the video and the subtitles in it. These mkv files can be played in any video player if you have the cccp pack installed in your computer.

Avi is the most popular video/audio format in the windows. The mkv format is on the rise as it is very popular and widely used by the people in the cartoon and animation, where the users create the subtitles. The main reason is that it is compatible with audio and subtitle in the single container. Most digital portable players and music players are compatible with avi formats rather than the mkv files. Hence it is very essential for you to convert your mkv files into the avi formats before enjoying it in your portable digital players. The mkv files can also be edited before being converted into avi files.

To start the conversion process, first select any of the converters that are available in the internet and download it, then install it. While installing the software keep in track of the target folder, i.e. the out folder where the converted files will be saved in. Wonder share converter is free software available in the internet, download it.

Double click the shortcut icon and open the converter, click the import files icon to select the input mkv files which are meant to be converted into avi files. Then select the output settings to select the output container format, here in this case select it to be as avi format. There are also options for you to select the target folder directory, you can change it accordingly. There is an advanced settings option available from where you can select the different parameters like resolution, bit rates, frame size and various video, audio settings. The quality of the file lies here. The main advantage of this software is that it has separate selection options for the audio and video channels.

Once all these information’s are specified, click the convert icon to start conversion. As it is a video and audio file, the conversion will take few minutes. In the mean time you can watch the video using the same converting software. Once the conversion is finished, you can retrieve the file from the target folder.

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