How to Convert Jpeg to Vector

There are different types of pictures and photos that are available in the internet and other places. A jpeg is the acronym of joint photographic expert graphics. This is one of the high qualities of the photos. The vector images are another format of the pictures.

The jpeg is one of the best formats of the pictures; it would support millions of colors. The vector images are illusionistic images like the grey shading or different types of shading which is done from the normal photo.

There are different types of software’s used to convert the format of the files to one another. One such software is required to convert the jpeg files into the vector files format.

There are numerous software that are available in the internet, most of the software are very costly and they are only limited, (i.e. they are trial versions). One such software which is used to convert the jpeg into vector files.

Browse for the software; install it in your pc. After installing it open the software. Select the menu bar and click the import files icon, from this you can navigate and locate the file (i.e. the jpeg) file which is to be converted into the vector images. After this click ok button. After finishing these things from the menu bar, select the path and chose the option as trace bitmap. This is the vital part in the conversion of the file from jpeg to vector.

In the lower left you can find a caption called color, and then increase the number of scan for a few numbers of times. This is done to improve the quality of the files in the vector format. This would increase the resolution of the picture and it would also increase the size of the file, rendering speed. After stating all these things, don’t forget to click the update button, it’s the final key only when the update button is clicked, the process is done. If you forget to press the update button then it’s fully waste of time only. So remember to click the update button.

There are many formats with which the vector files can be saved, one such format is EPS, and this is the popular extension and would be supported by many applications. The main advantage of this particular software is that you can see the preview of the output file. The inkspace has to be learnt well before it is being used. Once studied well you can easily convert the jpeg into the vector format. The above process can also be converted into vector images using the adobe photoshop illustrator. There are also some places where vector images are required; we can employ this technique there.

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