How to Convert ITunes to Windows Media Player

Nowadays due to the advent of the internet and the developments we can buy original music from home simply by using the internet. One such technique is using the iTunes and buying new or old music online. The music bought using the tunes would be in aac or m4p format. It can be bought in two varieties, i.e. with or without a plus sing in front of that. The music files with the plus sign in the front indicate the high quality of the song and other one is the ordinary quality.

If the songs are bought from the istore with plus sign, they are of premium quality and can be used in any computers or players as they are not copy protected. If not bought with the plus sign, it is copy protected and can be converted only to 30 percent. To convert this fully we need to burn the songs in to an audio cd. Then the audio cd is opened using the iTunes itself and converted into the mp3 files.

When the number of songs to be converted is high in number, this process of audio cd is not possible, as it would lead to packs of cds being wasted. In this case we can move to software called tuneclone convertor.

First browse for the converter and install it. Create a list of songs which are meant to be converted to windows media player compatible formats. Now open the tuneclone software and select the settings option, from which you can specify the things like target folder, file name, bit rate, speed etc.

Now switch on to the iTunes windows, there is a button cold burn disc click it. You will get a new dialog box from which you have to select the tuneclone virtual cd. And fill in the text caption, then press the burn button.

In a few minutes the conversion process will be finished and the tuneclone will indicate you. Use the tuneclone manager and browse for the converted files in the target folder. You can delete the playlist of the m4p files that is created for the conversion process.

The mp3 files are very much compatible with the windows media player. There are some other file formats that can also be compatible with the windows media player. The m4p files can also be converted to any file format compatible with windows media player using many available convertors and some formats can be converted by iTunes itself. While selecting the encoder type in the preference option using the edit tab, select the particular type of the file format. The other processes are the same as explained earlier. There will be multiple copies, each on different formats, from which you can select and use.

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