How to Coat Flowers with Wax

Flowers can be preserved in many ways. If you own a garden and would like to preserve some flowers from the same as souvenirs or gifts for friends or relatives, you can press them between books, laminate them, or dry them. You can even preserve them for long periods by waxing them.

This method includes coating the flowers with paraffin wax to retain their moisture and freshness. Some simple kitchen tools will be sufficient for this method.

Things needed are:

  • A double boiler
  • Some flowers
  • Paraffin wax (one candle will be enough)
  • Water


  • Picking the flowers. The flowers that can be waxed best are the ones that are the freshest. Pick flowers that have bloomed well, so that you have a large area to coat. Do not cut the stem, for it will be needed to hold the flower while dipping it.
  • Heating up the wax. Use a double boiler to heat the wax without subjecting it to heat directly. You will have to boil some water in the lower part of the boiler while the wax heats up in the upper. Let the wax melt completely before dipping the flowers. This heating process will not take more than ten to fifteen minutes.
  • Dipping the flower. Hold your flower by the stem and dip it in the molten wax. Coat the flower completely without leaving any part of the flower exposed. If you plan to keep the stem as a part of the preserved flower too, dip it in the wax as well.
  • Drying and cooling of the flower. After you have dipped the flower completely in wax, shake off any extra wax and place it in the refrigerator for cooling. Put it on a wax paper so that your refrigerator remains unstained.
  • Try advanced methods of waxing. Dipping the flower in molten wax is one of the most conventional methods. You may try a method that is more advanced and that involves melting wax of different colors. Apply the waxes of different colors using a paintbrush on different parts of your flower like petals, stem and leaves. Before doing this, use a white base or a clear base that makes the wax painting process easier.
  • Be cautious of the hot wax. Molten wax, if dripped on skin, may cause burns. Either wear a shirt with long sleeves, or more preferably, overalls so that your clothes are protected. Thin latex gloves should be worn to protect your hands while painting with the wax.
  • Wax flowers make wonderful gifts for occasions like birthdays or even weddings. They are easy on the pocket, and can be made without much hard work. Just some skill will be needed with the paintbrush and the flower.

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