How to Choose a Rechargeable Battery Module

Choosing a rechargeable battery module is not a head aching job. The best rechargeable battery module can be one that can be lasting for a lifetime, as far as the equipment is concerned. Below are some ways to how to select the better rechargeable battery module:

  • First identify which type of batteries you are using. The common types of rechargeable batteries available in the market nowadays are the NiMH- Nickel Metal Hydride batteries and the NiCad or NiCd- Nickel Cadmium batteries. These two types of batteries differ in the chemical composition with their cons and pros. The NiCd or NiCad discharges its charges slowly so it stores the energy for longer time than the NiMH batteries but the latter has more advantages as it is eco friendly as it is less poisonous as it doesn’t have Nicad in it. However there are newer NiMH type batteries that are designed to discharge the charges slowly. So better get the new NiMH type batteries over the NiCd ones.

  • Determine the charging time for the battery. If you wanted to charge the battery whole night lasting for about ten hours but should have the effect of slow discharging or one should charge the battery in a short time but can discharge and drain your battery quickly, then there are rechargeable battery modules which has intelligent microprocessors designed that can charge in a short time and also maintains a good performance over longer periods.  Note that the “intelligent” battery chargers have a price.
  • Initially, see the size of batteries. Ensure that the battery fits the intended appliance or device. The batteries are rated as AA or AAA to differentiate in its size.
  • Identify the voltage (volt) capacity of the batteries. The rechargeable batteries come either in 1.5V rating or 1.2V rating depending on its application.
  • Ensure that the charger suits the battery to be charged as some are designed for only NiCad batteries while others are for NiMH types. So check your kit for it is designed for right type of battery to avoid damages.
  • It could also be useful if the charger appliance has battery conditioning options. This is the feature that intends to rejuvenate the battery being recharged up to their optimum performance to recharge and discharge the batteries.
  • Check whether it can also be used in vehicle ports as users may find it useful when the module is plugged in the 12V port for portable purposes.
  • Better know the discharge/charge cycle. Determine this timing cycle so you can easily maximize and choose the better among the various rechargeable battery modules. This is found in print in the side or bottom of the battery appliances. You can also see it in the user guide of the rechargeable module of the battery.

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