How to Choose a Flattering Hairstyle

Knowing the best haircut for you will improve your appearance. But choosing the right haircut will depend on multiple factors. You can ask your hairstylist the best cut for you, or you can tell him the look you want and he can work it out depending on the shape of your face. For an easy guide to know what hairstyle will suit you, here are some good tips.

  • Look in a mirror and examine your face shape. Tie your hair back to get a good look at your face. You need to know if your face is oval, long, square, round or heart shaped.
  • An oval shape will suit any type of cut, since any type flatters this kind of face shape. Therefore, you have more room to experiment with whatever haircut you might want to try.

      • If you have a long face, your aim should be to make it appear shorter. In this case you should go for haircuts that rest just above the shoulder. You can also try long layers and bangs. Avoid parting your hair in the middle because it draws attention to your face, emphasizing its shape. You can do a side part instead. This will work for faces that are long.
      • If you have a square face shape, you can choose a hairstyle that can soften the edges of your face. Consider trying a curly hairstyle. Layers along your jaw line can divert attention from a strongly angled chin. Avoid one-length styles and straight lines, as these can add harshness to your features.
      • If you have a round-shaped face with wide or small cheeks and little chin, opt for a hairstyle that drops below your chin. Layers will be very good since they add height on the top and create a narrow illusion around your cheeks. Avoid chin-length haircuts and bangs, as these can make your face appear rounder.
      • If you have a heart-shaped face, you probably have a wide forehead and a small chin. Add layers from your chin level down. You can also choose a shoulder-length haircut. Chin-length bob haircuts could also work for you. Avoid any haircut or hairstyle that is full on top and thin in the lower parts, as this will emphasize your heart-shaped face.

              Tips and Warning

              • If you are deciding what type of haircut to choose, you must also take into consideration the texture of your hair. Some textures might not work out for a haircut that you like.
              • Remember that a long haircut will weigh your hair down, making it seem flat and lim. A bob and shorter hairstyles, however, will add volume and body to your hair.

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