How to Change the Dimensions of the Digital Photo in a Camcorder

The camcorders are used for taking videos. The latest versions of the camcorders are also able to take digital still photographs. The modern camcorders have an advantage of very fine tuning of its settings and this can be done easily. There are several models of camcorders available from different brands in stores. Based upon the user’s preference the digital photograph’s dimensions can be finely changed. The general tips for changing the photo dimensions without considering the brand of a camcorder are given below.

Before going into detail we must be aware of the nature of digital photographs. We must be clear with the fact what the digital photographs are and what are their building blocks. The digital photographs are from small elements known as pixels. The nature and resolution of the digital photographs are mostly concerned with these pixels. The pixel is measured in per square inch. The value of pixel measurement is ppi also known as pixels per inch. For a high resolution of image we require a high setting of pixel. For a low resolution of image we require a low setting of the pixel.

  • For changing the photo dimensions we must go through the instructions manual of the camcorder. The instruction manual which comes along with camcorder will be of great help. In case we don’t possess a camcorder’s manual we must search for its manual in the internet and it must be based on the specific model.
  • We have to find the menu of the camcorder. With help of the manual we must first locate the menu on the camcorder unit. The menu button is easily found with help of the manual alone.
  • In order to start the course of action of changing the photo dimensions we must use the menu button. Using the menu button we must learn the LCD display in our camcorder. We must find the option which denotes the photo settings. After that we must select it. After selecting it gives further options from which we must select the photo size or photo dimension option. These options contain various measurements which are allowed in digital photography.
  • We can modify the pixels per inch setting if wanted. In order to perform this function we must go to the photo settings menu once again. After selecting it we have to select the pixels per inch or photo resolution settings. In case we wish  to enlarge the photographic image in future or we have set the photo dimensions high, then we have to keep the ppi value to high.

By these steps we can obtain a good quality image with good resolution. In order proceed with the same settings, we have to save the pixels value and photo dimensions value and resume our photo shooting.

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