How to Change cPanel Password

cPanel administrators can changed the password of their cPanel account by accessing the change password function located under the Preference feature box.

When you create a password, make sure you use a combination of numbers, letters and symbols such as #, @ and etc in your password. This is to ensure that you create a strong password. Stronger password will lower the risk for other people to hack into your cPanel account. If you create a weak password that can be easily guessed, for example, abcdefg, you have higher risk of letting the hackers access your account. Once they gain access into your account, they can use the cPanel account for their own websites. They can change the password through the cPanel admin area so that you will never be able to gain access into the account again.

You can find out the strength of the password which you created through the password meter located under the password text box. You will notice that as you type, the color of the password meter changes. The password meter can changed to three colors which are red, yellow or green. Red color indicates that your password is weak and you should improve it. Yellow color on the password meter indicates a strong password while green color indicates a very strong password. A strong password must contain special characters like @, #, &,*, {, }, % and etc.

The password should be 8 characters long. It should not contain characters that people can normally guess for example abcd, 1234, your birth date, your name, the name of someone close to you or any word that is in the dictionary. In order to make the password very strong, you should capitalize some of the letters in the password.

The password must be unique and different from other accounts. This ensures that if a hacker find out the password of one account, your cPanel account will not be affected.

After you have created the password, be sure to write it down on a piece of paper or notepad.

It is very simple to change your password through cPanel. To change your cPanel password, follow the instructions below:


  • On the homepage of your Cpanel account, click on Change Password under Preferences.

Cpanel Account

  • Fill in your old password in the Old Password text box.

Old Password Text Box

  • Fill in the New Password in the New Password text box.

New Password Text Box

  • Fill in the New Password again in the New Password text box. Both of the new passwords must match in order to have your password change successfully. Your password can contain letters, numbers, and special characters.

Password change

  • Click Change your password now!

Change  Password now

  • You have successfully change your password.

successfully change password

By following the guidelines above, you will be able to change your password from cPanel account.

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