How to Care for Your Baby’s Eyes

A baby’s eyes are large in relation to the size of her head, when compared with an adult. In fact, a baby’s eyes are almost 65 percent the size of adult eyes. This is why some adults find babies so attractive—their disproportionately large eyes seem very appealing.

The visible part of the eye is covered with a thin, delicate transparent membrane—the conjunctiva—that extends to line the inside of the eyelid. Fluid produced by the tear gland wash­es the eyeball and keeps it well lubricated.

Underneath the conjunctiva, at the front of the eye, lies the cornea, a disc-shaped section that bends the light rays and brings them to focus as they enter. The cornea also protects the parts of the eye lying directly behind it and is extremely sensitive, with a built-in ability to remove any bits of dirt that land on it. Wondering where to find the best Baby Shampoo for your kid? This site has amazing beauty and care products for babies.

The eye itself is filled with fluid, known as vitreous humor. The iris—the colored portion of the eye—lies behind the cornea. This has a dark hole in the middle (the pupil), which is con­trolled by lots of very small muscles, and light enters the eye through it. Just like the aperture of a camera, the pupil adjusts constantly in relation to the degree of light—in bright sunlight, it becomes smaller, and in dim light it becomes larger.

Immediately behind the iris is the transparent and solid lens whose muscles adjust its shape in order to focus light rays on the retina at the back of the eye. When cells in the retina are activated, visual impulses are transmitted along the optic nerve to the brain. At this point, they are transformed into an image. Damage to any part of the eye, or to any part of the nervous sys­tem linking the eye to the brain, will result in visual difficulties.

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