How to Call International Directory Assistance

Our entire world is bridging the gaps between land and sea. As we all grow closer and more connected, it would be the best idea to learn how to inquire about information when we are calling outside of our own native countries. International phones calls are much more common than they were only a few short years ago. There may come a time when you may have an international phone call to make. You may even have written the international local phone number to dial but you may not have the proper name or company or the person. Or you might haveĀ  name and company of a person but not the right telephone number to contact them. Don’t let the fact that you may be unfamiliar with international directory assistance calling protocol be a trouble spot for you. It’s easy to become educated about. International Directory Assistance can be a huge help when the need

arises. Here is how you can call international directory assistance. Continue reading to find out more


First Protocol Option

  • Pick up your phone. Dial “0-0”.
  • When asked say you are calling for International Directory Assistance.

Second Protocol Option

  • Pick up your telephone. Dial the toll-free phone number here: 1-800-225-5288.
  • Listen to the recording. Listen until it stops playing. After it has finished delivering the message, dial the numbers “2-1”.
  • Listen to the second recording play. Allow the recording to reach the end. After it has finished delivering the message, dial a single number “0.”
  • When you are asked, clearly state you are calling for International Directory Assistance.

Third Protocol Option

  • Use the Internet or call the long distance provider and ask for the company code that belongs to theĀ  long distance calling provider. This long distance phone company code will be three to four numbers long.
  • Pick up your telephone. Now Dial the numbers “1-0-1”.
  • Now dial the four numbers of the company code that belongs to the long distance calling provider that you retrieved in the previous step.
  • When ask, clearly state that you are calling for International Directory Assistance.


  • After you have placed your call to the international telephone number, keep it mind it can take up to forty-six more for the ringing to start. It takes a while longer to connect the call. Be patient. It’s important for you not to disconnect before the call goes through.
  • Prices can vary according to which International Directory Assistance you chose to use. Find out what the current rates are so you won’t be surprised at the extra costs picked up for using international directory assistance.

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