How to Calculate BioRhythms

What is a biorhythm? A biorhythm can be defined as a cycle of physical, intellectual and emotion well-being. This biorhythm is established at the beginning of every human beings life. Biorhythms influence every aspect of living. Perception, emotion, sleep, coordination and more are all influenced by biorhythms. There is a way to calculate biorhythms. This can help you learn yourself more and give you the ability to predict highs and lows to prepare yourself for daily endeavors.

Step 1

Understanding the types of cycles of biorhythms. There are 3 types: physical, emotional and intellectual well being. Each of these cycles may go through their period of highs, lows and neutral points. The high point in any cycle indicates the person is at the optimal level of performance inside that cycle. These are in comparison to the lows or neutral time frames. Any low point during a cycle is the worse day for that cycle. This is because your body is naturally resting in that time frame and specific area.

Step 2

Time difference is each cycle occurs. All three cycles operate on a different time schedule. Therefore, it is possible to have a high intellectual day but a low physical day and neutral emotional day. Any low day should not be alarming but rather noted and the high days should all be made a focal point. A person should make an effort to arrange events and activities around their personal high peaks.

Step 3

Pay close attention to double high days and triple high says. This happens when all 3 biorhythms are at the same high point in the cycle. As you can imagine these do not happened very often. These occur every 7-8 years and should be paid attention to when they do. A double or triple high could result wither in great success or great failure.

Step 4

Understand the cycles. Cycles last for various time frames. The shortest length of time in a cycle is 23 days. The physical cycle operates on this 23 day schedule. The next cycle is the 28 day long emotional cycle. The longest cycle is the intellectual cycle. It lasts for 33 days.

Step 5

Calculate the biorhythm starting with the birthdate. Determine the number of days that has been since that date right up to the current date. Don’t forget to add extra days due to leap year.

Step 6

Divide the previous number by the number of days in each of the 3 cycles. For example, if you were calculating the intellectual biorhythm you would divide the total number by 33. The results tell you how many days into that cycle you are as well.

Step 7

Once all biorhythm numbers have been calculated, chart the biorhythms on a piece of graph paper. You will begin to see a wave. This is your actual biorhythm. These waves will indicate whether each cycle is high, low or neutral.

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About the Author: Daniel Sherwin holds a degree in Chemistry and plans to be a scientist sometime soon. He finds himself very close to the nature. Currently, he is living in New York, USA.

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