How to Buy an Existing Business

Buying an existing business presents many advantages and I’m a huge fan of doing just that, I recently purchased a Sarasota FL business for sale and it’s just been a joy, so as long as you research it very well it is likely to be a huge success.. The risks are less, start-up time is eliminated, and you may benefit from having the same customers, the same suppliers, and the same sales volume as the previous owner. You may also benefit from the advice and experience of the owner regarding sound business practices. Buying an existing business will make it easier to establish credit with suppliers than if you start from scratch. In addition, you may be able to establish seller financ­ing, which is much easier than acquiring bank financing and may even include a lower interest rate.

There are, however, definite pitfalls to be aware of when buy­ing an existing business. First, it is rare today for someone to sell a successful business. In todays competitive business world, a successful company with a positive cash flow is very valuable, and people usually don’t sell successful businesses unless they are under duress or for a very high price.

Investigate carefully before you buy an existing business. A good rule is to look into at least 50 to 75 different businesses before making a decision. Obtain complete financial statements for at least two to three years. Talk to all the important people in the company. Visit the banks of the businesses you’re inter­ested in and obtain histories of their loans and payments. Ask also to see complete customer lists, and then talk with some current customers. Ask them about the company and how they would feel about doing business with you if you became the owner.

In nine out of every ten businesses you may consider buying, there will be some flaws that you will have to deal with. If some­one is selling a business, the sales profit may be more impor­tant than the business. If so, you have to find out why. WHAT DOES THIS MEAN?

To find businesses for sale, look in the classified section of your local newspaper to find hundreds of daily listings. Go to the li­brary and look in trade journals and other business publica­tions. Also, real estate brokers are often hired to sell businesses and properties just like we buy homes los angeles.

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