How to Build Confidence in Your Children

One simple and effective way to build confidence in your child is to make certain that he or she always has enough money for at least two phone calls.

You may want to hand-stitch a small Velcro-fastened coin person into your child’s coat pocket, add a couple of quarters to the key holder tied to your child’s shoes, or hide phone money on your child’s bicycle.

Having money for two phone calls assures your child that he or she can reach you, or someone else you designated, in an emergency. (If you have an answering machine, make sure your child knows to wait and to leave a message that tells you where he or she is, what the problem is, what you are to do, and where he or she is going after hanging up the phone.)

Build Confidence Children

Teach your child that if one coin is lost, the second coin should be used to phone an operator by dialing “0.” Train your child to say to the operator, “Hello. I’m having trouble. I’m only___ years old and I need your help. I have only one quarter, and I need to talk to __This is the number I have. But, if they aren’t there, I need to be able to call someone else. Will you help me?” A phone operator will be delighted to help a child who is that polite and that organized!

Make sure your child has your home phone number memorized, as well as at least one other number where help is likely to be found. The second number may be the phone number of your employer, a grandmother, your spouse’s business, a friend, or someone else avail­able for emergency help. Make certain, also, that your child knows the name of your and your spouse’s em­ployer or company.

Stress upon your child the importance of not spend­ing this money. Make sure he or she understands that it’s for an emergency and that the money is best “for­gotten” unless an emergency arises. Check periodically to make certain that the coins are where they should be!

Teach your child that he or she can always call 911 (if that number is available in your city or area) or an oper­ator to summon help. Make certain your child knows that the 911 number summons a policeman, fireman, or an ambulance driver and that it should be used only when such people are needed.

A child armed with the potential for two phone calls is a child who can generally turn a bad situation into a good one. A child who knows when and whom to call for help is a child who feels less alone and less fearful.

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