How to Build a Water Rocket

When it’s hot outside, everyone  is looking for some great water activities to get into. Sailing, swimming and water fights are very popular with children, teens and adults alike. There is always the option of education the children even if it’s fun in the sun. Building a water rocket is a simple and fun thing you can when the weather is right. You can actually take the time to use this cute little activity to teach the kids a thing or two about science. How? Newton’s Law of Motion, of course.  Constructing this simple like water rocket puts some of the basic aspects of these laws into use. SO why not learn while you’re having fun? Here is how you can build a water rocket. Read on for more information.


Items You Will Need:

  • Water
  • Bike pump

Constructing the Rocket

Step 1

Put some glue on the hole inside the stopper. Now, slide the 2 inch cut of ¼ inch copper wiring into the hole. You want to make sure the glue helps to secure the wire but will not stop up the hole in.

Step 2

Put a 2 foot long 1.4 inch plastic over tubing on top of the copper wiring. Use some glue to secure the two items in place. You can use a tie wrap as an alternative if you feel like you need a little more security binding the plastic and copper together.

Step 3

Use a tie wrap and some glue to secure the bike valve stem to the plastic tubing as well. It goes on the opposite end.

Construct the Launcher

Step 1

You’ll need a 2×4 slat that  measures 4 feet long. Cut this into two sections that measure 2 feet per piece.

Step 2

Butt the sections together using a hinge.

Step 3

Slice a two liter soda bottle vertically. This will serve as a guiding chute for the water rocket. You’ll put the water rocket inside of the bottle when you are ready to launch it.

Step 4

Cut the bottom of the two liter bottle so that it will not be impeded by the bottleneck when you are ready for take off.

Step 5

Attach the chute on to the 2x4s using screws.

Launching the Water Rocket

Step 1

Put water in the water rocket until it is half full. Put the stopper in the bottle.

Step 2

Position the water rocket in a place where it is safe to launch. It should be vertical.

Step 3

Put the two liter bottle in the launcher downwards.

Step 4

Begin to pump with the bike pump. As pressure builds the water will pop the stopper and go!

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