How to Build a Static 3 Phase Converter

Everyone is looking for ways to help conserve and save energy. Some ideas are actually proven and some are still being test. Using a static three phase converter is a proven way to conserve energy. Have you considered the advantages of building your own Static three Phase Converter? Converters give offices and residents the ability to conserve energy.  This is a great thing. Electricity is available in three phases. This lets individual users regulate the cost of the electricity. Static three phase converters make a third phase of power by discharging and recharging capacitors.Static three phase converters charge up third phase motors. Static 3 converters can power machinery and equipment. Here is how you can build a Static three phase converter. Safety is the top priority when dealing with electricity. Remember to be safe and take all necessary precautions when building a Static three phase converter to reduce risks and lower the chances of electrical shock. Continue reading.

Things You’ll Need:

  • 9 lead moniter wires
  • 2 pole contracter amp
  • fuse block

  • 1 pole contractor amp
  • starting capacitors
  • Control power disconnect

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Make a list and a draft of the components that will make up your Static 3 Phase Converter. The converter will be split into three categories:

  • Remote Control
  • Main Panel
  • Auxiliary remote panel

A static 3 phase converter that is operated by a remote-controlled is a safer option. This would change a sufficient amount of power over for the 3rd phase machinery. Set up the main panel with the starting capacitors and other items. Use the manual to ensure proper installation. Configure the remote control to the main panel.

Use the manual to follow the appropriate steps to connect the wires to the appliances. If you’re aking a static three converter, be very careful when you connect this wiring with the startup buttons and the Time Delay Release appliances. It’s mandatory to let the wiring guide you with the different appliances. When the relay timing appliance is connected properly you won’t need to be concerned about any specific time limits. These time restrictions are usually necessary for a startup.

After configuring the connection to the remote, it’s important to make sure the fuse box has been set up correctly to the wiring. Without this connection, the voltage cannot get to the appliances . Test to make sure the voltage does reach the appliances without any complications or malfunctioning.

Tips and Warnings

When making a Static three Phase Converter, also keep the kind of machinery that will use the converter to start up with and the appliances you may need to construct the main and remote appliances.

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