How to Build a Roof

All standing structures are deemed incomplete with out a roof. The roof is a very important element of every structure. It can be comprised of wood or bricks. It protects the structure and the inhabitants of the building from the elements. Roofs should be constructed very carefully and with the proper materials. If the roof to a standing building is damaged, failing, leaking or otherwise insufficient, then the entire building is compromised. The property can suffer tremendous damage and can be quite expensive to repair if the damage reaches too far. Here is how you can successfully build your own roof. Continue reading on.

Required Materials

exterior plywood

pre-fabricated roof trusses


drip edge

metal flashing

asphalt shingles

12 GA nails for roofing

tar paper

fasteners for metal products

rafter ties


Required Tools

claw hammer

tape measure

framing hammer

canvas nail belts

framing square

combination square


nail puller

carpentry level





chalk line

felt-tipped pens and pencils

saw horses


hand saw

plumb bob

finish hammer


staple gun

nail gun


caulking gun

tin snip

nail set




Lining Up

Organize all of your work. Use the construction map to help you with this step. Place in it plain view. Make sure your rafter ends are straight. They should be in a straight line.

Applying Sheets

Apply the sheets on the roof from the bottom up. Carefully work your way up to the roof. Cut the last sheet to fit a measurement of  4’ increments. The sheathing line should be positioned perpendicular to the rafters.


Come up with a code for the nailing. This will help you to determine where to place the nails.

Adjoining Sheets

Join the sheets together. Then, nail down the rafters around the roof’s perimeter. This allows for easy adjustment if needed.

Adding Stability

Stagger the sheathing of the roof along all the courses. Divide your panels into two halves and use these sheets to sheath the roof in a staggered pattern. Add metal clips in between the sheathing to stabilize the roof top.

Checking Alignment

You should check the alignment on your roof every few months. This is very important in terms of maintaining your roof and overall property. Make sure there are no inconsistencies in your roof top. Examine one slope at a time. Repeat the procedure for all the sloping on the roof.

Enjoy your new roof.

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About the Author: Jason Prickett loves to write about home maintenance and stuff you can do yourself instead of hiring any professional. His step by step guides will assist you in completing your home maintenance tasks.

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