How to Build a Possum Trap

Small marsupials called Possums may invade your homes and domestic privacy by nesting in your roofs and subsisting on fruit, vegetables, and flowers from your gardens, thus the need for building possum traps to capture them. These mammals native to Australia are protected by law and this law requires captors to release them within a small radius of the place where they were caught. The traps serve as alternative homes for the possums and may have a twofold purpose – to observe wildlife up-close and to prevent these marsupials from doing any more damage.

Things you’ll need:

  • 12mm or at least 10mm plywood (or untreated pine)
  • Screws
  • Glue
  • Old Inner Tube
  • Good coat of sealant (and/or UV resistant paint)
  • Screen
  • Wire mesh, without sharp edges (or a small branch fastened flush to the outside of the box)
  • Loop of wire (or chain)
  • Flexible metal strip
  • Two heavy gauge flat head nails

Possum Trap


  • Cut the plywood for construction (refer to the images for the dimensions). Utilize screws and glue to in order to keep the construction from breaking apart.
  • Assemble the top in such a way that it can be opened if you want to inspect it, but keep it latched closed in order to protect the inside.
  • Fit the bottom within each of the sides and hold it with a screw from each of the side.
  • Drill a minimum of four 5mm holes around the corners of the box for drainage.
  • Paint the box on the exterior with a high-quality sealant and/or paint that resists UV. Use a dark brown or green color so that it would blend with the surroundings.
  • Make sure that the edges are sealed to keep water from getting in and damaging the box.
  • Provide a screen in order that the entrance hole is hidden from view, as well as to prevent birds from getting into the box and occupying it.
  • Put a mesh of wire whose edges are not sharp, or a similar device inside and outside the box below the hole in order to assist young possums when they climb up to get out.
  • Hang the box to a strong branch of the tree using a thick wire or chain firmly secured to the back of the box.
  • 10.  Attach the bottom of the box to the tree using a metal strip that you have to nail onto the tree trunk using two nails.


  1. Sheath the wire in an old hose pipe in order to prevent damage to the tree.
  2. Place the box a minimum of 4 meters above ground level, to protect it from other land animals.
  3. Position the box away from the blowing wind, and do not let it face the sun directly.
  4. Put some fruit in the box if you want to attract a possum but get it before the possum runs away with it.
  5. Contact AAAC wildlife removal for the safest way to remove possums in your property.


Wait for the smell of paint to disappear first before attaching the box on top of the tree or before letting the possum get near it.

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