How to Bleach your Hair?

Tired of your natural hair color? Try out hair coloring or bleaching. By bleaching your hair you would be removing color from your hair and would get a blonde look. However, this process needs to be done with care. Here is how to bleach your hair.


When learning how to bleach your hair you can do this in two patterns depending on the look tat you want. You can bleach some parts of your hair to get highlights or you can bleach your entire hair to get a lighter hair color. The first thing that you need to do when bleaching your hair is to get a good brand of bleach. Caution: never use laundry bleach! Look for bleach that would lighten your hair color. There are a number of bleaches that come for darker hair. If you have jet black or red hair then you might prefer going in for this bleach. Next read through the instructions and whether the amount would be enough for your length of hair.

Bleach Hair

Now make sure that you have washed your hair recently and it is free from grease also comb your hair thoroughly before you start applying bleach. Then mix the bleach in a container the bleach packet will have a paste and a liquid that needs to be mixed with the paste. Now mix both the ingredients thoroughly and with the help of an applying brush start applying the paste over your hair.

Usually hair care experts recommend that you should start application from the back portion of your hair and gradually move towards the front and the top portion. Once you have completed applying the bleach on your hair then pull all your hair and tie it at the top and wear a cap that will help the bleach paste to be set. The bleach package would specify the time for which you need to leave the bleach on your hair.

After you have applied the bleach make sure that you keep checking so that your hair doesn’t lighten beyond the color that you want. Once your hair has become the shade that you want, then rinse your hair thoroughly, and then shampoo and condition it. It is advised that you use cool water to wash off the bleach from your hair. There are chances that your hair might rough because of the chemicals. Keep oiling and conditioning your hair periodically, so that it does not lose its shine. Now that you have learnt how to bleach your hair try it out.

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