How to Be Stress Free at Work

Working on something that you enjoy doing is less stressful. But as a fact, most of the people today are working in fields they are not actually interested in. No wonder stress is common for most of the people at work. In addition to working forcefully, pressure from the employer, family and colleagues also add to the declination from work.

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Resigning also appears to be an option for avoiding stress despite all the risks. So how to relieve stress at work?


Following are some tips to tackle stress at work:

  • List down reasons. A notebook containing all the reasons of being happy with the work can be kept. Whenever you’re stressed, read all the reasons and add few more.
  • Talk with people except your workmates. A break might be required from the stressful work and joining people other than your workmates will surely help. Be it friends or family members, talking and sharing things out of work helps a lot. Your way of perceiving your stressful work might also change by learning some new things.

  • Laugh. Find ways to laugh like being with funny people or watching comedy movies or stand-up comedians.
  • Sleep more. Sometimes, the only reason of stress is insufficient sleep. Six to eight hours of sleeping are required daily. Adequate sleep keeps you refreshed and full of energy and also makes you feel lively.
  • Analyze. Whenever you feel stressed, analyze the factors around you and get to the root of stress. It might even be as simple as high temperature or bad food. These factors are so small that you should not worry because of them.
  • Modify surroundings.  Changing the look of your house, room or workplace will interest you and will decrease the levels of stress. Curtains, table covers etc. can be changed, desk can be cleaned, and posters can be put on walls.
  • Take a break. Take a break from the stressful work. A short break on the terrace to take fresh air is sufficient. In case it is not, a vacation leave can be taken. Most of the bosses know that a good break is required to tackle work related stress. Friends can be visited or an outing with kids is also a good idea.
  • Daily targets. Daily targets should be set everyday which should be realistic. Cut out as soon as a target is achieved. Review the list at the end of the day, this will not only make you feel proud and happy but it will also make you organized, which will save you from a big deal of stress.
  • Do what you like. If are not doing what you like at work, then you should do the things what you like after work.

Generally very less time is required to tackle stress at work. It is just a mindset that no time is left for stress-busting activities. You can have time to do whatever you want to or need to do. You are only required to think of it and give time to it and you’ll surely succeed.

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About the Author: Vanessa Page works a career counselor in one of the leading firms in Los Angeles. She is also a blogger and gives tips on how people can tackle their work and career issues. She has 8 years of experience in this field.

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