How to Be a Paris Tour Guide

To become a Paris tour guide, you might consider taking courses about communication, leadership, and Parisian history. Being a tour guide means you should be confident when talking to a throng of people and be approachable to different types of personalities. You must be familiar with the historical spots and knowledgeable about where to go for the best shopping experience in Paris. Aside from that, you must be highly conversant on where best to stay and eat.

Where to Start

A Paris tour guide knows the ins and outs of the Louvre Museum, among the best art museums in the world. Interesting displays are on exhibit at the masonry museum, including the Hogarth and the Rembrandt art pieces. The popular Scribes of the Seated and Thematic Paths should also be part of your education as a Paris tour guide, as these are important aspects of the tour where your guests will learn more about various art masterpieces. Ensure that your guests savor the experience by having a variety of activities available. Tourists from all walks of life enjoy seminars, talks and discussions about renowned artists and more during the tour.

Of course, a tour around Paris demands a trip to the Eiffel Tower. Knowing each tourist attraction and the hottest spots in Paris for accommodation and dining will also help you become a Paris tour guide.

As a Paris tour guide, you must be knowledgeable about various establishments within the city. These include fine restaurants, awesome stores for shopping, and wonderfully romantic spots particularly for lovers. Suggest that they take a horse-drawn carriage ride across the city.

Lovers can also enjoy a ride on the buggy as they course through the rest of the romantic evening. Walking hand in hand while visiting Paris city bridges during sundown also lends an air of romance to the experience for a couple on vacation. Finally, they can just remain seated and enjoy lively conversation beside any of the lovely water fountains around the city.

Where to Find More Information

Getting a crash course about becoming a Paris tour guide usually depends on whether the travel company that hires you requires training. On the Internet you can find more details about where to go, dine and stay in Paris, or you can also check the nearest city or town library for additional information about Paris to help you become a tour guide.

If you’re a quick learner and are highly approachable, then your guests will like you and you just might become successful as a Paris tour guide. To work best you must love what you do, and this is particularly true for those who want to be tour guides in Paris. For starters, you may volunteer to serve as a tour guide for your relatives and buddies who are traveling to the city.

Read about Paris to entertain the guests on the tour. Keep the interests of your guests in mind so you can create the itinerary based on what they like and avoid being a disappointment to your guests.

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