How to Bath a Baby

It is unnecessary, particularly in very cold weather, to bath a baby every day: “topping and tailing” cleans the important areas. Wash and dry the face gently using cotton wool balls. Clean the napkin area with soap and water or baby lotion.

To give the baby a proper bath, make sure first that the room is warm and the windows closed. You will need, close at hand:

  • baby bath liquid, or baby soap and baby shampoo
  • baby lotion
  • cotton wool swabs
  • a soft flannel or a sponge
  • a large soft towel
  • a change of clothing
  • a clean disposable napkin, or a clean terry napkin, liner, plastic pants and safety pins
  • a bucket for soiled clothes
  • a paper bag for soiled swabs.

Fill the bath, putting the cold water in first, then adding hot until the water feels warm to your elbow. Add the bathing liquid.

Bathing the new baby

  1. Undress the baby apart from his napkin and wrap him in a towel on your lap. Clean his face with cotton wool balls or a soft flannel and dry it carefully.
  2. Hold him along your arm, his head towards the bath and on your hand. Rinse his hair and pat dry. Remove napkin and clean the buttocks.
  3. If using baby soap, lather your hands and soap the baby. Support the baby’s head and shoulders on one hand and forearm, with your other hand underneath his bottom and holding the thigh furthest from you. Lift him into the bath. Keep his head and neck well sup­ported. Smile and talk to him, making bathtime fun.
  4. Use your free hand to wash and rinse him. Lift him out carefully using the same grip. Wrap him in the towel and pat him dry. Check his creases are dry.

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